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How to handle social media and divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2019 | Divorce

People in Texas who are getting a divorce may want to be cognizant of how they use social media. Information shared on social media could be used against a person during divorce proceedings. People should avoid disparaging a spouse, and if a divorce seems likely, they may want to consider removing people from their friends list who may cause problems. In general, locking down privacy is a good idea.

During the divorce, discretion may continue to be the best approach. This is particularly true if the spouses share social and professional networks. Parents may want to reach an agreement about posting about their children on social media. This could be included in the divorce agreement. If spouses are getting amicably divorced, they might make an agreement about whether and when they will share news about the divorce on social media. If the divorce is not amicable, they should still avoid badmouthing one another online.

After a divorce, people should still aim to avoid speaking negatively of the ex-spouse. Children introduce an additional dynamic, and it can be harmful for them if conflict between parents continues online even after the divorce. Furthermore, custody decisions may also be modified, and parents should be mindful and avoid posting things that could mean they end up back in court.

Examples of these types of postings could be parents saying they cannot afford child support and then putting up photos of expensive vacations or parents making lifestyle choices that could suggest they are neglecting the children. A parent who sees these types of postings, whether during or after the divorce, may want to consult an attorney about what to do next.